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Come on in to see us and enjoy a variety of Texas-sourced treats! 

We are currently featuring

  • Hooser Farms beef (Italy, TX)

  • 840 Farms pork (Waxahachie, TX)

  • Veldhuizen (Dublin, TX)

  • Dallas Mozzarrella Company

  • Lira Rossa (Moulton, TX)

  • Haro Cheese Co (Bertram, TX)

Be sure to check out our Instagram for the most recent rotation of tasty bites and treats!


Not your Momma's Deviled Eggs     5
     topped with house-pickled onions and jalapenos

House-made jalapeno Beer Cheese     8
    w/bread or crackers
      think pimento cheese - but better!

White Bean Dip           8
     rosemary, lemon zest, fresh herbs.
     Served w/ toasted bread

Cheese & Fruit     10
    TX Cheese w/hot honey & sugared pecans 

Olive Tapenade and Goat Cheese Toastini     12
     Texas goat cheese topped with a tangy mix of
     olives and capers. 5 pieces

Meatballs made with Hooser Beef & Spanish Chorizo from Texas Iberico. 5 pieces
     with Chimichurri Sauce     13

     with Tomato Butter and Texas Mozzarella     13

Chutney & Cheese     13
     house made fruit chutney, mix of cheeses on
     rustic bread. served with chips 

Turkey & Cheese     15
     honey roasted turkey breast with havarti and
     provolone on rustic bread. served with chips

Turkey & Brie     17
     honey roasted turkey breast with brie grilled on
     rustic bread

Plowman Tray
Texas meats and cheeses served along side an assortment of veggies, chutney, & bread
pick 2 from list of Texas meats & cheeses     
Each additional meat/cheese:     6

           GLUTEN FREE crackers available
       To-go orders: add $1

840 Farms: Various salamis from pasture raised Mangalitsa pigs right here in Waxahachie! Can't get more local - or better tasting - than these meats!

Hooser Farms: Featuring smoked beef sausages, jalapeno and cheese beef sausages, meat sticks and so much more! These folks are the real deal their meats are too!

Paragon (Veldhuizen): Mild, semi-firm, slightly tangy.

Eldo (Haro Cheese): Manchego style cheese with a flavorful ash rind.

Texas Goat (Dallas Mozzarella Company): tangy fresh goat cheese available plain or Hoja Santo.

Mozzarella (Dallas Mozzarella Company): Handmade TX Mozzarella - light and creamy! Goes will with everything!


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